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In 2005, architects Massimo Paperini and Paolo Procesi, formalized a project to stimulate academic studies towards a more “operational” direction, more oriented towards the world of production: the project of having boats designed and built by university students compete was born.

To involve professors and universities in general, it is decided to create a challenge prize to be awarded to the winning university.

After the first four years of activity, in which the regattas were held under the name “A Thousand and One Sail for the University®,” the nonprofit association “A Thousand and One Sail Cup®” was founded in 2011 to streamline relations with universities, public and private, and to give itself a more stable organizational structure.

The association also organized and supported cultural exchanges between universities, in the field of naval architecture, and promoted training, research and design activities through publications, conferences, organization of sports competitions, etc.

From 2007 to the present, “R3” class regattas between university teams have been organized every year.

At the same time, conferences have been organized, attended boat shows, promoted the publication of articles in industry and non-industry periodicals, managed organizational logistics of events obtaining the involvement of prominent testimonials, benefits and sponsorships for participants.

In October 2013, a memorandum of understanding was signed between 1001VELAcup and Italian universities for research, experimentation and dissemination activities in the nautical field.
This has also been embraced by foreign universities since 2017.


The 1001VELAcup® project has stimulated innovative educational paths, with student involvement in applied research, from which cutting-edge studies and applications have been developed on :

eco-sustainable composites;
experimental methodologies of aero-hydrodynamic analysis and structural analysis on hulls and sails;
research on the use of natural fibers;
activation of dedicated workshops;
experimental research on the degree of Assimilability between computer simulation and experimental results ;
conventions with software houses;
but, above all, this experience has enabled a great many students to enter the world of work much faster than their colleagues, being already directed toward a professional approach.


On the occasion of the XXII COMPASSO D’ORO, our project was awarded the “Targa Giovani” prize, which the association dedicated to students participating in the 1001VELAcup® Trophy.

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The 1001VELAcup® Association is a nonprofit, so it is only able to organize its events thanks to membership fees and sponsorships.


The week of Regattas for the “1001VELAcup Trophy” is the main event on which most of the Association’s activity is focused.
The format of the 1001VELAcup Trophy includes standards that have been refined over the years.

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