Conceived in 2005 by architects Massimo Paperini and Paolo Procesi, 1001VELAcup® was created as an educational-sports initiative, with the aim of promoting annual regattas among universities with sailing boats designed, built and led by university students.

The aim of the initiative and the purpose of the “Thousand and One Sail Cup®” association is the dissemination and promotion of Naval Architecture, at Italian and foreign universities, through new ways of understanding Education, stimulating Research and, consequently, making Innovation in the field of Nautical Design.


To achieve this goal, it was decided to have students compete under the aegis of their own university; in this way, professors are stimulated to follow and organize the work together with students, creating a professional; not scholastic, collaboration.
Hence, professors and students working as equals (training) for a common purpose that requires research activities to find the best design compromise (design) to bring the most innovative boat to the water, with the goal, if possible, of winning the “1001VELAcup® Challenge Trophy. This is the essence of our project.

The cultural and sporting kermis generally takes place in September and consists of a week of regattas, panel discussions, seminars, and competitions.
1001VELAcup generally takes place in September and consists of a week of regattas, round tables, seminars, and competitions.

Over the years it has touched numerous Italian locations* and lately, while remaining an itinerant event, has the support of the Circolo della Vela Sicilia in which the most frequent and important editions have been hosted (masterfully we would add).

(*) Porto S. Stefano (GR); Tombolo di Giannella (GR); Mondello (PA); La Spezia (SP); Rimini (RN); Venezia (VE); Monfalcone (GO).


The week of Regattas for the “1001VELAcup Trophy” is the main event on which most of the Association’s activity is focused.
The format of the 1001VELAcup Trophy includes standards that have been refined over the years.

the universities

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