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The week of Regattas for the “1001VELAcup Trophy” is the main event on which most of the Association’s activity is focused.
The format of the 1001VELAcup Trophy includes standards that have been refined over the years.
During ‘the event there are three days of racing for the awarding of the challenge trophy “1001VELAcup” and the “Paolo Padova” trophy. The former is contested with boats designed and built by students, with crews formed by students; the latter involves crews consisting of a professor and a student.
Also recently established is the “Mainaldo Maneschi Award” for the best boat design, which combines the evaluation of the competing designs by a qualified jury with the results of the regattas.



The program includes two orders of activities:

  • the holding of regattas to award the “1001VELAcup Trophy”
  • a series of meetings dedicated to design, research, education and innovation in the nautical field.
  • Organizers arrival, booth set up, pre-coordination
  • Welcoming of delegations and boats from participating universities
  • Boat preparation operations and tonnage checks

At the host sailing club

  • Briefing with race committee
  • Regattas for the Paul Padua Trophy (match racing with crews composed of students and faculty

At host municipality or club or other venue

  • Welcome ceremony
    Presentation of competing projects and jury work for the M. Maneschi Award
  • Reception

At possible Stand

  • Booth opening and exhibition of boat projects made by the universities

At the host sailing club and at sea

  • Pre-regatta briefing
  • launching operations
  • regattas
  • Boat return and storage (any “setups” and repairs)

At the host club or an available facility

  • Meeting/seminar/conference on topics chosen from year to year
  • dinner offered to participants

At possible Stand

  • Opening of exhibition of projects and research from universities participating in 1001VELAcup

At the host sailing club and at sea

  • Pre-regatta briefing
  • operations
  • regattas
  • Boat return and garaging

At eventual Stand

  • promotion activities and meetings

At the host sailing club and at sea:

  • Pre-regatta briefing
  • launching operations
  • regattas
  • boat return and garaging

At the Stand:

  • promotion activities and meetings
  • Awards ceremonies for the 1001VELAcup Trophy, the Paul Padua Trophy and the M.Maneschi Prize

At the club or an available facility:

  • Reception

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The 1001VELAcupĀ® Association is a nonprofit, so it is only able to organize its events thanks to membership fees and sponsorships.

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