1001VELAcup 2024

work in progress

We are sorry for the delay in communicating the dates and location of the next “1001VELAcup® Trophy” 2024.

We are actually in negotiations to determine where to hold the 17th edition. We have three different possibilities: two in northern Italy and one in Sardinia.
We confirm, however, that the event will take place toward the end of September, and we will notify you of the location and dates as soon as possible.
The program of the event will include: the regatta for the award of the “Paolo Padova” challenge trophy, with crews composed of teachers and students; the “M. Maneschi Prize”, for the best project combined with the best result in the race, and, of course, the regattas for the “1001VELAcup®” challenge trophy.


The 1001VELAcup’s team

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